$110 per person (or peso equivalent)
4 person minimum, 6 person maximum.
Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.


About This Trip

The Rio Mayo float trip is a full-day outing and great trip for all ages, abilities and interests.

The Mayo River’s head waters emerge from the east, draining a massive and extremely remote area of Sonora and Chihuahua. Its primary direction of flow is to the south along the eastern flank of the Sierra Madre, before heading west, around the area of San Bernardo, Sonora, and towards the sea. The river’s course is rich in human and natural history and the places that we visit are hard to access by any other means except the river. With the help of some local Mayos, we have spent a lot of wonderful time exploring several side canyons and small ranches in search of interesting spots to include during our river trip.

The day long trip begins at the base of the Mocuzarit reservoir, winds through remote expanses of tropical deciduous forest, riparian habitat and Sinaloa thorn forest. As we float down river, we pass Mayo Indian ranchos, abandoned haciendas, forgotten colonial towns and panels of ancient petroglyphs. Much of the section that we float parallels a section of the historic Camino Real, the royal road that wound its way from Mexico City along the mission path, eventually to Sonoma, California. Evidence of its former glory can be seen in several locations. At certain points along the way, we land the boats and take some walks away from the river. This gives us a chance to see more of the natural beauty of the area just off the river, as well as the opportunity to see some remnants of pre-revolution Mexico: panels of ancient petroglyphs, hand carved ‘Cantera’ stone bridges that were utilized for irrigation canals, a 17th century church and during certain times of the year, Mayo Indian festivals that are rarely seen by outsiders.

This is truly a float trip with no sections of white-water to speak of, which makes for a very relaxing experience, allowing us to concentrate on the surrounding countryside and bird life. And because it is purely a float, we are able to utilize some amenities that are not typically available on white-water trips. All of our boats are equipped with padded bench seats with backrests, which make the trip very comfortable. We have a cooler of drinks and a delicious picnic lunch that we set up in the shade at midday, complete with table and chairs.

The bird life on the river is immense, and this trip is often done by groups interested explicitly in the number and variety of species. The species range from extensive numbers of coastal and northern migrants, to tropical birds at their northern limits. We have also seen river otters, turtles, bobcats, coyotes, coatimundis and foxes along the banks of the river. We have a bird list for the river that includes nearly 100 species, almost all seen from the boat!

The cost of the trip includes coffee, baked goods and fruit at the put-in, round-trip air-conditioned transportation, a cooler full of cold drinks, a bountiful picnic lunch, high quality equipment, bi-lingual professional guides and excellent human and natural history interpretation.

The float trip is a full day experience; please be sure to take the time to review the What to Bring list prior to your trip to insure that you are comfortable all day. Although the departure time is somewhat variable, it is certainly best to on the water early, as it can get warm later in the day. We recommend a 7:00 a.m. departure at the latest.

To book your trip or for more information, please contact us by email or call 888-383-0062.