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About This Trip

This short tour itinerary to the Yucatan Peninsula is dedicated to finding the numerous endemics in a short period of time.

The three Mexican states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan make up the region that is most often referred to as ‘the Yucatan’. Geologically speaking, the Yucatan is an expansive limestone peninsula that extends northward into the Gulf of Mexico and eastward into the Caribbean Sea. To the south lie Guatemala and Belize. It is generally quite flat with elevations not much over sea level, except for the hilly Puuc region in the western portion of the peninsula.

The Yucatan is home to nearly a dozen regional endemics (including four that are found only on Cozumel Island) and a large number of other interesting tropical species and water birds generally found much further south. Some of the must-see birds on the tour are Yucatan Flycatcher, Yucatan Vireo, Yucatan Woodpecker, White-bellied Wren, Orange Oriole, Ruddy Crake, Rose-throated Tanager, Yucatan Jay, Yucatan Wren, Yucatan Bobwhite, Yucatan Nightjar, Mexican Sheartail and Poorwill, Gray-throated Chat, Rufous-necked Woodrail, American Pygmy Kingfisher, American Flamingo, and Black Catbird. On a typical trip, we can see somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 species.

Our trip starts in the beautiful city of Merida and generally heads in an easterly direction across the northern coast of the peninsula and ends with a day on Cozumel Island. We visit the Celestun and Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserves, the majestic Mayan ruins of Uxmal, the sleepy beach town of Puerto Morelos and Cozumel Island. This trip starts in Merida and ends in Cozumel, and both cities have international airports with good service to the USA. This short trip offers great bird sightings and an overview of the Yucatan. It’s a great week long tropical birding getaway from the chilly north!


We stay in a variety of places on this trip from a beautiful colonial in Merida, to simple beach hotels in Celestun, Rio Lagartos and Puerto Morelos. In Uxmal we stay at a gorgeous hacienda hotel in the lush jungle; and in Cozumel. our last night is spent at a seaside resort. Food throughout is excellent, with lots of seafood and Yucatecan specialties.

This is a one way trip…it starts in Cozumel and ends in Merida.

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