Dates and Cost

November 19-25, 2017
$2400 per person ($400 single supplement)

November 18-24, 2018
$2450 per person ($400 single supplement)


About This Trip

Join us for a relaxing week of birding and exploring the incredible diversity of southern Sonora and the beautiful colonial city of Alamos. This trip is a great way to experience a truly interesting and exotic area at a nice, relaxed pace! An easy day’s drive from Tucson, Arizona puts you in a completely different world. We break up the first day of travel and birding by staying the night in Hermosillo. In the Alamos area, we encounter the mixing of habitats, formed by the southern limits of the Sonoran Desert and the furthest northern reaches of the tropics. We will also spend a day on the shore of the Sea of Cortez, where we will be awarded a spectacular show of wintering sea and shore birds. There will also be time dedicated to learning about the Sinaloa thorn forest and the dry tropical deciduous forest, two of the most botanically rich and most highly endangered habitats in the world. This trip into northern Mexico will impress you with amazing habitat diversity and cultural riches, all within a day’s drive of the U.S. border!

While the emphasis of the trip is on bird watching, we will be taking time to explore the rich human history of the area along the way. We explore an old mining town, visit a couple of restored haciendas, and tour the historically significant and beautiful town of Alamos. The heart of the town of Alamos has been elevated to National Historic Monument status and also declared a ‘Pueblo Magico’ of Mexico, because of its rich history and Spanish colonial architectural. We also spend some time on the birdy and beautiful Sea of Cortez.

In the environs of Alamos one can see an amazing array of birds, and many of the northwest Mexican endemic birds can be seen right from the comfort of our hotel, El Pedregal! Some of the birds possible on this trip are Blue Mockingbird, Black-throated Magpie- Jay, Russet-crowned Motmot, Purplish-backed Jay, Elegant Quail, Lilac-crowned and White-fronted Parrots, Five-striped Sparrow, Mexican Parrotlet, Elegant Trogon, Crane Hawk, Common Black Hawk, Bare-throated Tiger Heron, White-fronted Parrot, Rose-throated Becard, Happy and Sinaloa Wren, Rufous-bellied Chachalaca, among many others. The species list for the area approaches 250 birds, we should encounter upwards of 200 on this trip.


The first night is spent at a comfortable business hotel in Hermosillo. In Alamos, we will stay at our unique and beautiful El Pedregal Nature Lodge. The luxurious adobe casitas and inviting central lodge are set on 20 acres of intact tropical deciduous forest right at the edge of Alamos. El Pedregal is known for its fine hospitality and delicious food. It is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend our time in Alamos. On the last night of the trip we’ll stay at the Sea of Cortez Beach Club perched above the Sea of Cortez.

This is a fantastic trip for the beginning birder as it offers the chance to really study a high number of northern migrant birds as well as an interesting array of tropical birds at their northern limit. The experienced birder will be happy with the high number of northwest Mexican endemics and the high number of these birds in the Alamos area.

For this special Thanksgiving trip, we will enjoy a Sonoran Thanksgiving feast!

This trip starts and ends in Tucson.


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