Dates and Cost

October 21-27, 2018
$2450 per person ($400 single supplement)


About This Trip

Join us for a week of great food and cooking classes, shopping and exploring the markets, visiting museums and learning about the rich culture of the ancient Zapotecs and the modern day people of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca is one of our favorite cities in Mexico. We’ve often said that if we didn’t live in Alamos, we’d live in Oaxaca. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved colonial architecture in the heart of the city, the ancient city of Monte Alban and the many surrounding villages where their rich culture and artisanal traditions continue to thrive. The people of Oaxaca take great pride in their history and have done a magnificent job of blending the past with the present. Although Oaxaca is a big city, the heart of the downtown has been tastefully restored to its original grandeur, and wandering the streets is one of our favorite things to do! Our other favorite thing to do is eat in Oaxaca! This region is known in Mexico as having some of the best cuisine with great variety and creativity using local ingredients.

We’ll start our trip in Oaxaca City with a comprehensive tour of the city so that you will be well oriented during your stay. In the heart of the city, we’ll visit the historic landmarks of significance as well as the Jardin Etnobotanico and several museums. Our cooking classes will start with a visit to the grand Mercado Merced to purchase food that we’ll then learn how to cook into delicious Oaxacan meals. We’ll also take time to explore the city center and all of its galleries, stores and street vendors.

Beyond the city, we’ll visit the Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban and Mitla, where one marvels at these significant pre-Columbian civilizations. In the town of Ocotlan, we’ll visit the museum to see the works of renowned painter, Rodolfo Morales, as well the grand market, Moorish church, and the ceramicists sisters of the familia Aguilar, known for their painted clay figures. In San Martin de Tilcajete, we’ll shop for the brightly painted alebrijes. In Teotitlan del Valle, famous for its Zapotec wool rugs, we’ll take a cooking class, see a weaving demonstration and have a chance to shop for rugs. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose because they are all so beautiful! The famous El Arbol El Tule, a massive Cypress tree, is natural marvel that one must see to believe.

We’ll visit two pottery villages – San Bartolo de Coyotepec, which produces the well known Oaxacan black painted pottery and Atzompa, which produce the green painted pottery. For paper crafts and another great market we’ll visit the village of Etla. There are several villages to choose from for textiles, and during the trip, we’ll stop at a couple of them. We’ll also make a trip out into the mountains for a taste of the natural world and a traditional home cooked meal.

This trip is a great opportunity to do some very unique Christmas shopping for your friends and family, and we can arrange for shipping from Oaxaca back to your home in the USA.


Our lodging in Oaxaca will be at a beautiful family-run bed and breakfast, where we feel at home during our stay. It is centrally-located, so that we can enjoy our time in the heart of this great city. Every meal is a highlight on this trip!

To book your trip or for more information, please contact us by email or call 888-383-0062.